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At Vistnes Plastic Surgery Center in Palo Alto, we perform a full spectrum of anti-aging, rejuvenating cosmetic surgery procedures, including the following:


For a beautiful surgical outcome that appears fresh, young, and natural, you need to ensure the facelift procedure is performed by plastic surgeon recognized for exceptional surgical skills. At Vistnes Plastic Surgery of Palo Alto, we are very serious about our responsibility our patients and ensuring they have a full understanding of what to expect in final appearance, recovery time, and the procedure itself.

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Neck Lift

Patients who are considering the option of a surgical treatment to tighten loose neck skin and tissue want to be confident that the surgery will be restorative and natural in appearance. Any face or neck surgery must be performed carefully and correctly to produce a fresh, smooth, and more youthful neck and jaw contour.

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Eyelid Surgery

A carefully performed procedure to correct drooping eyelids can be transformative when performed by a talented plastic surgeon -- there is truly no room for error in this delicate surgical procedure. For a refreshed, more youthful facial appearance, a carefully performed eyelid surgery creates a subtle improvement that appears fully natural.

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Neck Liposuction

Our genetic makeup dictates where fatty deposits will accumulate, and when it is the neck area, it can make the entire face and upper body appear heavier and older. For some patients, neck liposuction is the correct procedure to reduce the quantity of excess unsightly neck fat and restore a tighter, firmer facial profile.

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Chin Implants

A receding chin often detracts from the harmony and balance of your other features. If you feel that your facial profile is less appealing than it should be due to a small chin, weak chin, or receding chin, a chin implant – when carefully selected for size and shape -- can be transformative.

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Ear Surgery

Overlarge ears, protruding ears, or oddly-shaped ears often leave people feeling less confident about appearance. Our patients, both young and old, may choose to undergo ear surgery to create a more pleasing facial balance – and greater confidence.

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Facial Fat Transfer

There is no better way to restore lost facial volume than to extract excess fat from an area of your body that has unwanted deposits, purifying it, and using it as a natural “filler” that your body will not reject. This two-part procedure has the added benefit of trimming an area with excess fat, such as thighs, back, or other area, purifying it, and injecting it to smooth and plump facial areas that appear gaunt, saggy, or have begun to lose the fresh, smooth look of your younger years.

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