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Due to the natural aging process, after a dramatic weight loss, or as a result of body changes from pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts can lose shape, droop, and lack firmness. Only a breast lift will restore them to their former firm, rounded appearance. Some patients also experience a decrease in size, or were not happy with what nature provided. For these patients, breast augmentation in combination with our Bay Area breast lift may be the most effective treatment plan.

Candidates for a Breast Lift

Good candidates for a breast lift may have breasts that are an acceptable size, but have begun to sag or droop downwards. They may have breasts that have lost their firmness and/or nipples and areolas that point down. Ideal candidates are in good general health with no illnesses that would negatively affect the body’s healing or bring added risk to your breast lift in Palo Alto. Finally, potential patients need to have realistic expectations for the procedure and the results it will produce.

Plastic Surgeons: Choosing Right Matters.

Once you have begun to seriously consider a breast lift is to begin to research prospective plastic surgeons. You will want to read about credentials, education, experience, and view images of previous San Jose breast lift procedures they have performed. It can be helpful to read testimonials from past and current patients to understand the experience with that surgeon. Once you have narrowed your choices or chosen a plastic surgeon you believe may suit you, schedule an initial consultation. It is important that you feel comfortable with the surgeon you choose, as an individual and in his professional skills and credentials. Dr. Vistnes has over two decades in practice, and is a Stanford-educated, board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Your Private Consultation

During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and talk to you about your goals and concerns. Your medical history and lifestyle will be evaluated. The idea is to fully determine if you are a good candidate for the breast lift in Bay Area. Keep in mind, this is as much an interview of them for you as it is of you for them, so bring in your questions and ask, ask, ask away! Once the plastic surgeon has determined that you are a good candidate for a breast lift procedure and you have determined that he is the right plastic surgeon to perform your breast lift, the two of you can discuss your customized treatment plan, including size, shape, and type of implant, and what placement will be most effective for your unique anatomy.

Financing Options for Breast Lift Surgery in Palo Alto

As our Palo Alto breast lift is considered a strictly cosmetic procedure, it will not typically be covered by insurance. While you cannot access health insurance, at Vistnes Plastic Surgery of Palo Alto, we work with financing companies to assist our patients to get the procedure they want, and pay off the cost in manageable increments. As us about our financing options if you are feeling concerned about costs involved. Speaking of costs, they vary from plastic surgeon to the next depending on several variables, so ask and don’t assume! Also, keep in mind, with plastic surgery a bargain rate is usually not worth the risk. It is often true; you get what you pay for.

Restore and Rejuvenate Your Breasts with a Breast Lift

A breast lift, when complete, can be a wonderful, rejuvenating procedure that can help boost body confidence following childbirth and breastfeeding, after a dramatic weight loss for older women who want a younger looking body. It is, however, a surgical procedure and as such involves some risk. Discussing any concerns about risk with your plastic surgeon can help you decide whether this is the right procedure for you.

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What to Consider: Breast Lift Surgery

There are many variables to take into account in planning to undergo our breast lift in San Jose, and various incisions and issues about scar locations and healing. Having the right plastic surgeon on your side who is honest, has an extensive track record of successful surgeries, and provides you with many images of patients who have undergone the procedure is helpful. So, do your research. It is important that you get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction so you are able to make an educated decision about how to proceed.


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