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At Vistnes Plastic Surgery of Palo Alto, we employ a unique dimensional analysis approach in our Bay Area breast augmentation procedures. Attractive breasts have a specific dimension, distance apart, volume, and projection to create physical balance and harmony. Instead of just choosing implants of a certain cup size, at Vistnes Plastic Surgery of Palo Alto, we measure your breast dimensions and working closely with you, select the implants that will best suit your body.

Types of Breast Implants: Silicone and Saline Options

Breast implants have come a long way in recent years, and are now available in far more sizes and shapes than ever before. Silicone breast implants are often chosen for the natural feel of the implant, which more closely matches breast tissue and is lighter than saline -- but newer saline implants are greatly improved over what was available in the past.

Many women are interested in saline implants, as these have some powerful benefits. Incisions to place saline implants are smaller, as the implant will be filled after being put in place. Should the implant leak, it is immediately noticeable, and the saline solution is simply salt water and does not pose a health risk. However, saline is heavier than silicone gel, and these implants are reported to feel less natural than silicone varieties. Structured saline implants are now available that provide a more natural feel than earlier generations. Patients have the option of round or contoured, smooth or textured. Each type has benefits, all of which we will cover thoroughly with you so you can make an educated decision.

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Breast Augmentation Procedure

Once the implant size and shape has been selected, the breast augmentation in San Jose can be planned. Each patient is different, with variations in skin quality, muscle structure, and quantity of existing tissue and fat. Every surgical procedure is customized to best suit the patient’s body, whether the implants will be placed beneath the muscle, under breast tissue, or a combination. The implants may be inserted through various types of surgical incisions:

  1. Under the breast in the fold or crease (inframammary).
  2. Around the nipple-areola area (periareolar).
  3. In armpit for saline implants (transaxillary).

Our Approach to Breast Augmentation Surgery

The best approach is determined after discussing your wishes about size, shape, and appearance, your choice of silicone and saline, and a full examination of your anatomy. A final decision will be made with the goal of creating the perfect breasts for your body, while using the smallest incisions possible for faster healing and reduced scarring.

Shape and texture of the implant is another option for the patient in our Bay Area breast augmentation, as well as whether to put the implant on top or underneath the muscle. Because every patient is different, the final choice will depend on the patient’s specific anatomy and desires. Our doctors make every effort to tailor the procedure to the individual patient instead of performing the same operation on every patient.

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Your Breast Augmentation Surgery: The Facts

The procedure typically requires several hours to complete. The patient is under general anesthetic during the breast augmentation in San Jose. After it is complete, you will recover for a short period and then can return to your home to rest and recover. You will need a driver to get home, and will have a surgical bra to hold the healing tissues and implants in place. You will be provided with complete aftercare instructions and will have follow-up appointments to ensure your recovery is proceeding as it should.

Recovery After Breast Augmentation

While every person heals at a slightly different rate, on general terms, you will need to limit your activities for a period. There should be no lifting, reaching, stretching, or any vigorous physical motion in the early phases of recovery. Any pain or discomfort you are experiencing can be managed by prescription medication. The pain subsides in one to five days in most cases and it is normal to experience some soreness and swelling after breast enlargement surgery.

The Breasts You Wanted. Now.

If you have struggled with the size of your breasts and considered augmentation, it is important that you speak with a skilled plastic surgeon to get your questions answered. Dr. Vistnes is committed to educating his patients on every aspect of breast enlargement surgery and to answer every question thoroughly. We believe that working closely with our patients is the best approach and leads to the most positive results. Schedule a private consultation with us so we can guide you and respond to any questions or concerns. If you are ready to enhance your breasts with the best breast augmentation Bay Area has available, we are here to help.

Schedule a private consultation with us so we can guide you and respond to any questions or concerns. If you are ready to enhance your breast, we are here to help.


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