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Our Bay Area tummy tuck can involve a combination of several surgical and non-surgical procedures to smooth, trim, and tighten the abdomen. Resculpting your abdomen so it is restored to a firm, fit appearance can include surgical correction of the underlying muscle structure and the removal of excess fat, tissue, and skin. Your youthful figure can be restored.

Customized Tummy Tuck for a Trimmer, Firmer Abdomen

Each patient can expect a customized treatment plan to address the areas of concern, including reducing the appearance of unsightly stretch marks, sagging or wrinkled skin, split muscles, and fatty deposits. The result of our tummy tuck in Palo Alto can dramatically improve your body contour, restoring the firm, fit appearance associated with youth.

Turn Back the Clock with a Tighter, Fitter Abdomen

Ultrasonic liposuction and an abdominoplasty will often be used together to re-contour the abdomen and waist area. Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat in the tummy area and tightens the muscles on the abdominal wall. In patients who have had one or more pregnancies or who have lost a significant amount of weight, the skin and fat in the abdomen can become loose and flaccid. No amount of exercise or dieting can resolve this condition. As the muscle structure in the abdomen has stretched, the patient is left with an unsightly abdominal bulge.

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A Flat, Firm Tummy Area – At Last.

Abdominoplasty can tighten these muscles to help create a flat, firm abdominal wall. At the same time, any excess loose skin and fat is removed. Frequently, liposuction is combined with our tummy tuck in San Jose to remove excess fat from hips and “love handles.” Both men and women are candidates for this procedure and our patients report that they are exceptionally pleased to have restored a youthful, flat, firm abdomen. You can once again wear tighter clothing and no longer need to try to dress to hide fat deposits and a bulging tummy.

FAQ Tummy Tuck

Many people feel hesitant about the idea of a surgical procedure. While we offer non-surgical treatments to reduce fat and tighten skin, in some cases these treatments will not produce the desired results. Our state-of-the-art technology monitors every detail of the procedure and our highly-trained medical personnel adhere to the most rigorous health and safety standards. Patient safety is always our highest priority. Read answers to common questions to find out more about a tummy tuck procedure:

    What is a tummy tuck?

    A tummy tuck is the colloquial name for a surgical procedure called an abdominoplasty. This surgical procedure removes excess fat and skin to produce a firmer, flatter abdomen and repair a bulging abdomen. For some patients, it is necessary to repair the abdominal muscle structure that has separated or loosened. Every patient will require a different approach, based on condition.

    What does the procedure involve?

    The first step is to administer medication so the patient is comfortable and does not feel any pain during surgery. As each patient has a unique condition, the length of the surgery will vary to some degree. Some patients have stretch marks on the lower abdomen, and the incision must be carefully planned so that as many of these unsightly marks are excised in the procedure. Surgery always involves incisions, and these are carefully planned so surgical scars are hidden beneath even the most revealing clothing. Some more extreme cases may require an incision around the navel for patients with excess skin on the upper area of the abdomen.

    How long is the recovery time from a tummy tuck?

    After surgery, the area will be bandaged and a compression garment to keep the area protected and restricted during healing. You will need to plan for about two weeks of recovery. Many patients are able to drive after about one week and return to work or other activities after two weeks. The procedure is extensive, and the body must heal on the surface and within. You will be provided with full aftercare instructions, and Dr. Vistnes will monitor your progress to ensure all is proceeding as it should. For the first three days, plan on resting with minimal physical activity. While you will be able to move around, you should be careful not to stress the treated area as there are internal and external sutures. Most patients have help during the early stages of recovery.

    What will be needed from the patient prior to tummy tuck surgery?

    As a patient, you will have certain issues that must be resolved prior to planning your surgery. You will need a medical evaluation to ensure you are a good candidate for a surgical procedure. If you take any medication or supplements, these need to be evaluated. If you smoke, you need to quit at least six weeks prior to surgery. Certain medications must be halted completely, including aspirin and anti-inflammatories or certain supplements with blood-thinning properties.

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    Tummy Tuck Candidates

    A tummy tuck can tighten and firm a stretched or split abdominal structure after pregnancy and childbirth. Some people may be struggling with an abdomen that has lost its firm, tight, youthful look due to aging skin and tissue, or are tired of unsightly fatty deposits that diet and exercise won’t resolve.

    If you are living with a bulging, flabby tummy that affects how you feel about yourself, you may be a candidate for a custom tummy tuck. To be a good candidate for the surgery, certain facts must be established:

    • You are in good general health
    • You have an abundance excess fat and skin on your abdomen
    • You have a flabby or bulging abdominal structure
    • The muscles in your abdomen have separated
    • You have unsightly stretch marks on your lower tummy area
    • You are at or near your ideal weight
    • You don’t plan more children

    The Tummy Tuck Procedure

    Every patient is different, and the surgical plan will be tailored to address every issue. A full tummy tuck may be necessary. A carefully-placed incision is made below the bikini line, and excess skin and fat is removed. Many patients require a re-positioning of the belly button as part of the surgery. Liposuction is often an additional procedure employed to remove fatty deposits on love handles or abdomen.

    A mini-tummy tuck may be appropriate for some patients. Only a minor quantity of excess skin is removed, followed by liposuction. This procedure requires shorter incisions and has a faster recovery time.

    Tummy Tuck Surgery: Your Recovery

    After your surgery is completed, you should plan on several weeks to rest and recover. You will wear a compression garment to reduce swelling. Very gentle walks will assist in stimulating circulation and faster healing. Most people who undergo a tummy tuck will need two weeks prior to returning to work but the changes to your abdomen will not be fully revealed for about six to eight weeks.

    We advise our patients to enlist the help of a friend or family member during the initial days of recovery. You will be unable to move easily and will be taking pain medication to stay comfortable during the first few days. Your recovery will be closely monitored, and we are always available to answer any questions or concerns.

    Additional Procedures for Full Body Enhancement

    Some patients choose to undergo additional procedures to achieve total body contouring. They may have undergone bariatric surgery or have lost weight naturally and are left with sagging skin and tissue on several body areas.

    Some women choose to undergo a breast lift along with a tummy tuck, or breast augmentation, or both if the breasts appear deflated or saggy. A “mommy makeover” – a custom body contouring procedure, may be appropriate when multiple body areas have been affected from pregnancy.

    Your Body Shape and Self-Confidence

    How you feel about your body has an impact on self-confidence. A tummy tuck has proven to be one of the most effective surgical procedures to restore a youthful, firm figure, with the added benefit of dramatically improving feelings of confidence in body image.


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