-MD, Palo Alto, CA.

Thank You Dr. Visnes! What a wonderful experience from begining to end. When you walk into the office was beautiful and inviting, didn’t feel like I was in a doctor’s office. The surgery center had great nurses and a Stanford anesthesiologist who work personally with your needs and they called me the night before my surgery, how do you beat that?

His Med Spa, SkinSpirit, is a great place to go for post-op massage, facials and skincare. My neck and face lift were out of this world. I didn’t have that fake pulled back look like you see in Hollywood. I could hardly tell that I had been under the knife. The incisions healed and faded fast, leaving my with fresh younger looking face. My husband was stunned by my new look!

Final result is a younger look with smoother, tighter skin on the face and neck took 10 years off my face.

I would recommend Dr Visnes to all my friends and all on Yelp! Just give them a call and ask for Megan, she will be so happy to help you, as she was with me.

-MZ, Palo Alto, CA.

Dr. Vistnes was recommended to me by a friend. After checking out his credentials and photos on the website, I decided with a free consultation, why not meet with him? He spent about 45 minutes with me, explaining everything in detail in “layman’s terms.” It sounds crazy, but I booked my surgery immediately following the consult. When you find *the one* you just know.

Now, a few months post-op, I’m beyond thrilled with my results. Aesthetics aside, I love that at all my appointments, I never feel rushed, and he fully answers any questions or concerns I have. But it’s not just a one man show, his office staff has been helpful and absolute sweethearts. At the on-site surgery center, everyone I dealt with, from the anesthesiologist to the nurse in recovery, was professional, kind, and most importantly, eased my nerves!

Final result is a younger look with smoother, tighter skin on the face and neck took 10 years off my face.

Finally building up the courage to go through with surgery was a hard decision, but I’m so glad I found Dr. Vistnes and his skilled hands! I can’t say enough good things about my experience.

-SG, Palo Alto, CA.

I went to see Dr. Vistnes based on the reviews I had read on Yelp (where did they go?) along with some ladies I met at a social function who recommended him to me. I was so glad they did and that I followed through with an appointment!

My face has a natural not fake looking. I was afraid I was going to look like one of those freakish actresses were they look like someone is pulling the skin on their faces back real tight. My skin is smooth and I look so much younger. It makes me feel good to look myself in the mirror. I used to hate seeing my image in the bathroom mirror in the morning. Now I find myself looking at myself and feeling good. Final result is a younger look with smoother, tighter skin on the

The Incisions healed so fast I couldn’t tell I’ld been under the knife within a couple of days. There was hardly any bruising or swelling. All I can see is that the wrinkles on my face gone. I went from people asking if my husband was my son to them saying your husband should sign up for the same procedure.

I was shocked at how little pain was associated with post procedure Dr. Vistnes teaches you post-op massage that is simple and truly makes a difference in the healing process.

-EJ, Palo Alto, CA.

I loved the fact that Dr. Vistnes personally called me on the first night after my surgery to see how I was doing and if I had any questions. My surgical experience was excellent from my first consultation to my last follow up appointment I cam in for upper and lower eyelid surgery and I can’t even tell where my incisions are

The bags under my eyes from fat resolved by a painless operation and without incisions on my face. My bags are completely gone. The bags under my eyes from fat were resolved by a painless operation without incisions on my face. My bags are completely gone. The surgery center had great nurses and a Stanford anesthesiologist who work personally with your needs and they called me the night before my surgery, how do you beat that?

-JM, Marin, Ca

You could tell Dr. Vistnes truly enjoys breast augmentation by the excitement in his voice when he’s talking about the procedure and how the implant fits my body’s frame. His Consultation was amazing. I respected his scientific approach. He didn’t push me one way or the other with the implant choice, he let me decide what I truly liked, he was in there with me for awhile just so he knew I was comfortable.

I am so happy with my decision to have my augmentation done with Dr. Visnes. My results were better than I expected. I recommend him to anyone thinking of plastic surgery. Not only is he a wonderful man, but his staff, especially Tammy are so wonderful. Thank you Dr. Vistnes. I love my new look!

-BB, San Jose, Ca.

I do a lot of traveling in the bay are for work and it was always easy to see Dr. Vistnes for post-op care at one of his three SkinSpirit locations.

He was the only doctor who let me know I would need a tight sports bra and a few different shirts to try on with the implants.

When I went for my first complimentary massage at SkinSpirit I was able to see Dr. Vistnes at SkinSpirit for a follow up appointment before going into my first complimentary post-op massage. EXCELLENT CARE.

-EM, Campbell, CA

I had LipoSurgery 6 weeks ago and have waited until now to respond. I will say that my ONLY regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. Dr Vistnes and his office staff have been great, my results are great and I couldn’t be happier. From what they tell me things are going to continue to get even better in the next few months but I’m thrilled with the results right now. I had consultations with several different drs before making my final choice and I went with Dr Vistnes because he seemed to know exactly what I wanted and seemed to be excited about doing the proceedure on me He explained every thing to me in detail and answred all of my questions truthfully. All I can say is I would highly recommend him, and THANK YOU DR V!!!!

-LW, Los Altos, Ca.

I chose Dr. Vistnes over other surgeons in the area after going to many different consultations while considering getting a tummy tuck. The Office manager had procedure so she was able to really share an honest experience with me and once I saw her incision I was sold.

This operation not only helped greatly with my confidence but also with functionality it’s amazing how much you don’t realize that extra skin weighs on your everyday life. I was amazed to see all of my stretch marks were gone.

Dr Vistnes and his whole staff were great. Both Megan and Tammy were great with calling me to remind me of appointments and following up with me to see if I had any additional questions.

I recommend Vistnes Plastic Surgery to anyone considering having some work done. They will lay your fears to rest!

-LT, Hayward, CA

I like to give praise & compliments when due. Dr Vistnes & his staff deserve major kudos!!

I just happened to read the review from Michelle Z and I feel the EXACT same way!! If I wrote how I felt, I would be copying her. He was the st and only consult I had & I knew he was “the one”.

It took me many years to finally have my surgery and I am so HAPPY & SATISFIED that I did!!!!!

-MS, Palo Alto, CA

Amazing how UAL of flanks sculpted my butt into a beautiful shape something I’ve never had. Dr. Vistnes was so thorough in his technique and showed me such great images that really helped me feel more at ease with the procedure. He took a lot of time educating me in the consultation which really made me feel more comfortable and confident. I had been to two other consults and the other doctors didn’t take the time to get to know me or help me understand the procedure. I was so surpized at that I had very little bruising, Dr Vistnes is a real pro. I thank my lucky stars that I ended up in his office and another.

-PJ, Palo Alto, CA

My office visits with Dr. Vistnes made me feel welcome and comfortable.His knowledge of the subject matter was extensive and left me wth no questions nor was I afraid to ask any question related to the surgeries.He gave me undivided attention when discussing my options.He is confident and has a great bedside manner which builds trust and security when going into surgery. The outcome(aside from the usual scars)is pretty much perfect.I love the way I look. My experience with this breast augmentation gave me back my self-esteem and my visits continue to boost confidence for the future.

-BS, Redwood City, CA

I heard about Doc V after a friend went to him to have her boobs redone on account of them being all hard. She said he did a great job so my wife went to him and had implants last year. We have 2 kids so they weren’t what they used to be and now they look fantastic! he did everything right. His office staff are the best – always really helpful. I myself just had lipo of my chest a few months ago using ultrasound and now I feel like I am ready for summer with out being self conscious with my shirt off at the beach or pool. Nothing but nice things to say about this office from multiple experiences.

Chest lipo update – I should have done this 10 years ago! This is turning out to be a great summer!

-HF, Menlo Park, CA

Dr. Vistnes thank you for making me better then I could have imagined. You never stopped giving me great service, your consult was educational and honest. My surgery turned out wonderful, and my follow up visits put my mind at ease. I had my breast and tummy done. I feel great, and my scar looks so straight & low. And thanks for the extra lipo of my butt. The staff was wonderful as well they held my hand from start to finish. Please contact me for a reference, I promise if you go with Dr Vistnes you won’t be dissapointed!

-GB, Campbell, CA

I had surgery with Dr. Visntes a few months ago, and have been happy from the start, but I wanted to wait to write a review just to make sure I was happy with the results.

And let me just say, I am beyond pleased with the results! I had breast augmentation a few years ago with a different doctor(before I had heard about Dr. Vistnes) and had the worst experience ever. The doctor I saw originally, did not tell me even half the information Dr. Vistnes gave me. And not to mention, she royally screwed up my breasts! The scars were horrendous, wide, and crooked. My implants were too narrow, so I had that horrible “Tori Spelling gap.” My breasts were rock hard and the right side was significantly higher than the left side. I was so disappointed with my breasts, I didn’t even go back to the doctor who caused all the problems in fear that she would just make them worse. I didn’t even want to set foot in another plastic surgery office because I was so horrified from the first experience, until a friend told me about Dr. Vistnes.

I am sooooooo happy I went to him. He is very educational and thorough with his approach. I didn’t even have to ask any questions because he answered them all! As confident as I was with Dr. Vistnes, I was still scared to go through another surgery because I did not want to be disappointed again. His office staff helped me through the whole process and told me that Dr. Vistnes does fix a lot of people’s breast implants who have come from other doctors with bad results like mine. This made me feel so much more comfortable.

Again, I cannot be more thrilled with my results! The size and position is perfect, exactly what I wanted. They feel so soft and look natural now. And my scars are amazing now! He got rid of my old scars and you can barely see the new ones now. I could not be happier, I am so happy my friend told me about him! I just wish he had done my surgery the first time around. Thank you Dr. Vistnes!!

-SS, San Jose, Ca.

I CANNOT say enough GREAT things about Dr. Vissy (that’s what my co-worker and I have nicknamed him), Tammy, and Megan!! They have been absolutely amazing and I am SO pleased with my results so far. Two of my co-workers had breast augmentation by Dr. Vistnes and we are all in love! I had my surgery on St. Patty’s Day (my Irish Twins ;-) and while they are still settling and still swollen I am SO pleased with my results. Dr. Vissy took the time to hear my concerns and was the first surgeon (I visited 5) who made me feel confident that I did not need a lift. I have wanted a breast augmentation since 2006 and finally pulled the trigger.

Dr. Vissy is very precise and informed me that to create the perfect look the width of the implant was important to create a natural cleavage line. Therefore, I decided to go with a “low profile” 450cc silicone implant and I am SOOOOO thrilled! People keep telling me that it looks like I was born with my new girls and I have the most natural cleavage line (no softball looking/Tori Spelling implants here). They are the perfect size for my body and I figure if I want to “accessorize” them then I can add a Victoria Secret push up bra. I was adamant that I did NOT want to go too big and Dr. Vistnes’ office was great about meeting with me a few times to go over sizing. Their patience is SO appreciated because I am incredibly thankful with my decision.

I don’t understand the negative reviews from previous clients, but I can tell you that I am THRILLED with my results, the surgery center, and of course Dr. Vissy and office staff. I am a legitimate patient and I am more than happy to speak with any potential patients who have questions or concerns. Again, HUGE thank you to Dr. Vistnes and staff!!!!!! :-)

-MM, Fremont, Ca.

I am very pleased with my outcome after visiting Dr. Vistnes. I plan on returning to him for additional treatment. He has a wonderful office staff and I would recommend him to my family and friends.

-Susan S. Santa Clara, CA

I am shocked to read the negative reviews about Dr. Vistnes. I had my eyes done from him about a year ago, and am very pleased with the results. I only had the under eye area done, and feel like it took 10 years off of my appearance. Dr. Vistnes is an extremely skilled surgeon; and a perfectionist–in a good way. You want someone with this quality when you are having “work” done. I would recommend him 10 times over for any cosmetic procedure.

-AW, Redwood City, Ca.

I Just had a breast augmentation and lipo over the christmas vacation. Dr Vistnes was very thoughtful and professional. I felt at ease. I had a previous breast augmentation about 10 years ago, and I wanted to switch from saline to silicone. I wanted to go bigger, however after Dr, vistnes took a bunch of measurements, his professional opinion was different than what I had in mind. He told me that for my body type the size I was thinking would not look natural. I am SOO happy I Listened to him! He was right!!! I love my new breasts, I even forget that they are implants, they feel great, just like they are a true part of me. I Have never been happier with the liposuction. I had lipo about 10 years ago as well. Dr. Vistnes was able to correct some previous mistakes, now I am so happy, I can wear a bikini again and feel confident that I look great. Thank You Dr. Vistnes. And Thank you to my 2 friends that had aMAZZZING same, surgeries by him, that were before me!!

-LH, Woodside, CA

Dr. Vistnes was recommended by a friend of mine and I want to recommend him as well to anyone considering plastic surgery. I don’t really understand the negative comments that I see up on Yelp because my experience was so good. I had lipo done around my neck and under my chin. As explained, the procedure was quick, the results are perfect and I was able to go to a social event 4 days post-surgery. Dr. Vistnes is very smart and knowledgeable about his field and made the whole process very comfortable for me.

-SB, San Jose, CA

3 weeks out from breast augmentation and could not say enough amazing things about my surgery and recovery. So happy with my results so far. The office staff is great. Tammy and Megan were extraordinarily helpful. I called the office prior to my surgery to ask a few more questions, Megan patiently answered everything for me and went through her own experience which was nice. Initially I was concerned about having overly large, fake, wide set results. (I know quite a few people that have had breast augmentations and I would not have wanted their end result) They look extremely natural and are very well placed. He created a great cleavage line, so the implants are not out to the side. If anyone has any worries about Dr. Vistnes I would brush them off to the side, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him!!!

-NL, Fremont, Ca.

I was referred to Dr Vistnes by a friend due to previous issues with my implants from another doctor. He was extremely professional and had all the best equipment/procedures which he discussed with me prior to my surgery. All of his staff has been fantastic since the first phone call. I can’t say enough about how great his staff is!!

Following the surgery, the results have been spectacular. I’ve been so happy with the results and receive complements daily. I’ve already referred others since my experience was so great. I feel more confident and so much happier about my appearance. I endorse Dr. Vistnes completely and encourage anybody considering cosmetic surgery to consult with him. You won’t be disappointed!

-KF, Fremont, Ca.

A friend recently told me about a few negative reviews that were put onto yelp in reference to Dr Vistnes and his work.

To start I would like to tell the procedures I have been through. The first is breast augmentation, and the second is tummy tuck. Both of which I got amazing results with. I actually know a few people who have gone to him for same procedure and are extremely happy as well.

Not only did Dr. Vistnes take his time making sure I understood the procedure, he then thoroughly explained the difference between the two implants, what size would fit my frame, but also explained in detail why. His knowledge alone on the procedure is amazing, the results made it one of the best decisions.

I learned that there was follow up when it came to implants, not only did he clarify this for me before procedure, but then after at every appointment. The negative post above must have been someone who did not follow instructions and was not making it in to every follow up.

My tummy was also a wonderful experience. I did not have a c-section just loose skin. I traded one thing for another. It was worth it. My incision is perfect, it’s straight, thin, and has already started to fade.

I was taught how to take care of my incisions to get the best fading results.

On top of my wonderful experience with the doctor, the staff was also amazing. They held my hand throguh the whole process. One in particular showed me her incisions and shared her experience, which guess what was also amazing. Both girls are very knowledgable in what they do and say. They were obviously trained well.

To hear someone say they were mangled or that there liposuction results weren’t what they were looking for, I’m sorry to say you obviously didn’t put in the work that comes with taking care of yourself.

Thank you Dr. vistnes,

-MS, Sunnyvale, Ca.

About three months ago I had breast implants done by Dr.Vistnes. This was something I had considered for a long time. I was scared of having these huge looking breasts so I never went through with it.Then about five months ago my friend got hers done without telling anyone, but I after seeing her a couple times I noticed something.When she showed me I was blown away. They looked amazing and real! I never thought that you could get breast implants and not have them look huge and hard. After about a month I went in to see her surgeon Dr.Vistnes, and I booked an appointment with him before I left. Normally people see many doctors before booking but I really like him. Three months later I am so happy that I went through with it, and he did this for me. He did a wonderful job and I love how he teaches you through the process. I still see him for check ups, and he makes sure things look good, and are healing nicely. I suggest looking at his website and the pictures of his patients that have had this procedure done with him. The last thing I wanted to mention was his medical assistant Tammy. She was so helpful during this tough decision. She always emailed me back and returned my calls, and was never rushed. She always made me feel like I was a priority even though I know the office was busy. I would highly recommend this place, and am very grateful!Hope this helps.

-MG, Hayward, Ca.

Dr. Vistnes and his ENTIRE staff are very professional and friendly. They made sure that at every visit I was comfortable. Getting plastic surgery is a HUGE decision to make and they made it as easy as possible. Dr. Vistnes has done plastic surgery on at least four of my friends and that is how I heard of him. He knows exactly what he’s talking about and educates you very well so you can make a thorough decision. I never felt pressured into doing the procedure and he actually made me feel more comfortable with the entire procedure. I would HIGHLY recommend him to ANYONE looking to do plastic surgery. Just go for a consultation, it’s free! And you will see why I am recommending him to everyone.

-MM, Palo Alto, Ca.

I just want to say how wonderful the office of Dr. Vistnes is. He is such an amazing doctor and surgeon! A friend of mine had a breast augmentation done a few months ago and she looks great. She had recommended Cindy, the manger, to me to set up a consultation, which was the best decision to make. Cindy was so helpful with the financial aspect and made me feel so comfortable. After the consultation I met with Dr. Vistnes and Jackie, the medical assistant. They are awesome! Again, I felt completely comfortable. They put the icing on the cake for me and I can’t wait until my appointment. The whole staff and facility come highly recommened and I stand by them 100%!

-CS, San Jose, Ca.

Dr. Vistnes recently performed a breast lift and implant exchange for me. The results at 2 weeks are better then expected! He is very professional and has a wonderful bedside manner. His office is very discrete and professional. I am so pleased with the whole experience from the first consultation to the final result!! It is amazing to me to be this pleased so early in the healing process. How exciting to know that my results will continue to improve!!

Cindy and Jackie are both so wonderful.! They walk you through the process step by step and make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed. Dr. Vistnes, Cindy and Jackie have continued to check my progress over the phone and via e-mail.

I am so glad that I chose Dr. Vistnes for my procedure and when the time comes he will be the one to perform the next!!

-j j. Palo Alto, CA

Just had another post op appointment. Everything still fabulous!! I’m actually signing up for a little lipo, and because I’m a returning patient, I am getting a fantastic deal………. thanks Cindy

-Anonymous A. San Francisco, CA

My experience with this Dr. was a very positve one. It was important to me to feel well informed and safe proceeding with a surgery that is elective. I had/am having a great experience and I truly would recommend visiting Dr. Vistnes and his staff (very warm and friendly) for a consultation if you are contemplating surgery.

-MT, Redwood City, Ca.

I see Dr. Vistnes’ patients right after surgery! They look amazing, and repeatedly tell me the surgery to be the best gift to themselves they could have ever chosen. I provide post-op support to patients days and weeks after cosemtic surgery. Dr. Vistnes refers me many of his patients, whom I see at SkinSpirit in Palo Alto, and as I compare his work and the patients responses to the many other surgeons I’ve worked with over the past 6 years I must say that Dr. Vistnes is in a class by himself. By providing lymphatic drainage, massage and nutritional counseling to his patients, I see and feel their results first hand, often times much sooner than many of the patient’s own family members. I have a deep respect for Dr. Vistnes’ commitment to his patients overall well-being, and his craft of creating natural looking results. “A better you” is what I see.

-JK, Palo Alto, Ca.

Dr. Vistnes rocks! He has the “eye” for perfection and will not settle for anything less! I can tell he loves to teach and will share with you options that I never considered. His staff is the best (kudos to Cindy who made my appt happen with my busy lifestyle) everyone is so knowledgeable! We decided to delay my surgery for a few years though referred me to Skin Spirit for my some “filler” and a Thermage…now I rock!!! Thank you Dr. V and Skin Spirit.

-LR, Fremont Ca.

My experience at Vistnes Plastic Surgery was a great one. As soon as I walked in I felt welcomed by the staff. Dr. Vistnes was personable and explained everything in such detail and answered all my questions. The before and after care done by his staff and him was excellent and I am amazed at the the results from the surgery. I was also delighted to be sent for a free massage at his spa which is down the street from his office in Palo Alto. The care over there was excellent as well. I will be recommending Dr. Vistnes to my friends and family.

-AB, San Francisco

Meeting Dr, Vistnes was a real treat. I have considered plastic surgery for some time now and as I try to get more information via consults with various surgeons, I am so glad to have discovered Dr. Michael Dean Vistnes in Palo Alto, California. From the very beginning, the experience was relaxing and informative. The people that work in the front office are very knowledgeable and professional. Clearly, they put the patient’s concerns first as they were each very attentive to my questions and if they did not know the answers, they made sure they found out for me. This made me feel very at ease.

Once I got to meet with the physician, I was even more impressed. It seems that Dr. Vistnes really has taken the time and thought through how to explain complex medical procedures to patients in a way so that they can understand and make sense of the multiple options available for each of the surgical procedures. I really liked the way that Dr. Vistnes educated me about the procedures I was considering answering all my questions to my satisfaction and in a way that I could understand. Not much of that fancy medical jargon that confuses sometimes more than it helps.

His manner was calm , reassuring and detail oriented, making me feel as though if I was in his care I would be very well attended to during my procedure. From talking with other surgeons, I often got the feeling that they felt they knew what would be best for me in my situation. With Dr. Vistnes, I got the feeling that he respected my priorities and concerns and would do both what was best for me and would leave me as satisfied as possible. I got the feeling that he wanted to make me as happy as was professionally possible. From my rounds of consults, (and I am now up 3), I got the strongest feeling in this office that in the end, what makes me happy makes this doctor happy and he is the first to come across that way. I will continue to consult with other physicians but Dr. Michael Dean Vistnes is very high on my list because of his clinical experience, his outstanding training and his sincere desire to deliver the best possible outcome tailored to my unique needs and concerns. I am very inclined to sign up for my procedure with Dr. Vistnes today,

-RM Palo Alto, Ca.

If you are considering plastic surgery I have the plastic surgeon for you. Dr. Vistnes is amazing. He will help you decide whether plastic surgery is right for you. I really liked this about him; he did not try and push himself or surgery on me. He gave me the facts, told me if I was a good candidate, and answered all my questions. I felt comfortable with him right away and felt like I would be in good hands. I have never written a review on Yelp before but felt like I should because people need to know what a great doctor, Dr. Vistnes is. I was considering a facelift but after meeting with the doctor he said he didn’t feel that I needed something that drastic and referred me to his spa for a laser treatment. This was much cheaper and less invasive than surgery and worked great, I am very happy with the results. It was refreshing to talk with a doctor that just wants the best for people even if it means he makes less money or no money at all. I highly recommend Dr. Vistnes.

-AM, Palo Alto, CA

I had liposuction by Dr. Vistnes recently and my results are amazing! He definitely has an artists’ touch – taking my column shaped misdetection and created a beautifully balanced more hourglass shape. When I went for the consult, he was very engaged in what I had to say and offered great solutions for my problem area. Thank you Dr. Vistnes!

-S.B. San Jose, Ca.

Just an update! It’s been almost two years and I am still so happy with my results. So many friends have gone to him since and been thrilled!! Absolutely would go for anything else I might need…….MUCH further down the line

-M.G. Redwood City, Ca.

I am a very apprehensive person. I’ve had 2 Hairstylists in my life and I’m 50. Not just anyone cuts my hair, let alone my skin….LOL!!! If you are searching for a good plastic surgeon, search no more!! Dr. Michael Dean Vistnes is a very gifted surgeon. Real, personable, listens & treats you like you’re his sister. I love this man!! His work is flawless! I’m not kidding. He’s GOOD!!! He’s HONEST & a man of integrity! Blessings to him and his staff always!

-L.H., Mill Valley, Ca.

It’s been about 6 years since I had a blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelid surgery) with Dr. Vistnes. I am still completely thrilled with the results and would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Vistnes and his team. One of the things I appreciate to this day about Dr. Vistnes’ approach is that he is not overly “severe” in his approach to the results of this surgery. He deliberately left a very natural fold to my upper eyelid but eliminated the sagging, bags which were becoming disturbingly evident below. (Decades of sun/wind exposure, endurance sports and genetics will do that to a girl.) When I look at photos taken shortly after the procedure my appearance is slightly “pinched” but that did not last. It may have even taken a couple of months for the effects of his work to “settle”, leaving a very good result.

Full disclosure: I am fair skinned and I looked like a battery victim for about a week after the procedure. Since I religiously followed post-op guidelines, the healing actually went very fast. It’s a little strange, sleeping sitting up for a few days, but you’ll be glad you did.

I would recommend that if you have this surgery do yourself a favor and allow adequate healing time. Just take a break. Rest, relax and enjoy your convalescence. What’s the rush?

-P.N. San Mateo, Ca

Ok- it’s me again! It’s only been six days after surgery and I have to yelp!! I just got out of the shower and air drying myself- I am not being crude believe me- realize- I still have a drain- stitches all over-(thus the air dry) I noticed my hands are surprisingly parallel against my body! Not the usual pear shape or angling around my thigh n butt area but Straight Down!! Holla!! Granted I have working with the Angel Carli at Skin Spirit (and Dr. V) but seriously….!?!? It’s only been six days, drain n stitches all over- how much more awesome- am I gonna get??? Aaa ah! Can’t wait for more awesome!!!

I am trying something different with the star thing to see where yelp places this review.

-A.N. San Jose, Ca.

Dr. Vistnes is an excellent surgeon. I would highly recommend him. His office staff was not used to working with insurance, and as we all know, insurance companies are never easy to deal with. Dr. Vistnes office has followed up on my case for over a year and communicated with me along the steps. They are professional and an excellent practice. Most of all, you will have peace of mind in choosing one of the best plastic surgeons in the Bay Area. I did my research for over a year and he was recommended to me by a girlfriend. He is conservative and extremely diligent and passionate for his work and his reputation. My results have been excellent.

-L.M. Mill Valley, Ca.

Dr. Vistnes and his medical staff are the best!! From the moment I had my consultation, I knew I picked the right plastic surgeon. He took the time to explain the procedure with such great detail while answering all my questions. Part of the reason I chose him is because of his reputation as an extremely intelligent and highly respected surgeon in his field.

The day of my surgery I was so scared & nervous. His whole surgical team took great care of me the whole entire time. They catered to my every need. The surgery was a huge success and I can’t believe how amazing I look.

Thanks Dr. Vistnes for making me look so youthful and beautiful. I’ll be back real soon!

Thanks again!

C.Q. Mill Valley, Ca.

Dr. Vistnes was highly recommended to me by two of my friends. From the moment I walked in the door for my consult I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Vistnes took the time to fully explain the procedure in such a way that was so easy to understand. He answered all my questions and made me feel so at ease as well as informed on what to expect during the procedure. He is very intelligent and personable as well.

The day of my surgery was such a breeze! I felt so well taken care of not only by Dr. Vistnes but the surgical team as well.

I absolutely love my results. He made me look so beautiful. Friends and family keep telling me how great I look!!! I totally agree with the friends that referred me to him – HE’S THE BEST!

THANK YOU DR. VISTNES!!!!! I’ll be back

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