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Published on January 1, 2011 by Dean Vistnes

New Reality TV Programs Create Unrealistic Expectations March 30, 2004

“The new wave of plastic surgery reality television is a serious cause for concern,” says Rod Rodrich, MD, ASPS president. ‘Some of these shows have an unrealistic and frankly, unhealthy expectations about what Plastic Surgery can do for them.”

Plastic surgery should not be viewed as an avenue to transform a person’s looks or life. Rather, plastic surgery can help refine and or improve upon someone’s natural appearances. Of current particular concern is the young, impressionable audience watching these shows who are already self-conscious about their body image.

The public is being lulled into a sense that there are no real risks or complications in cosmetic surgery. People need to understand that it is real surgery that should be performed by a board certified plastic surgeon. To aid people in considering plastic surgery, the ASPS has developed a brochure titled “Making the Right Choice”.

This brochure offers information on managing expectations and questions to ask before going through with Plastic Surgery. You can access this brochure online at

Plastic Surgery Trends 2003

More than 6.6 Million cosmetic plastic surgeries were performed in 2003, up 41% from 2002. Of those procedures, Botox injections, was the overall top procedure performed with nearly 900,000 injections total.

The top 5 cosmetic procedures performed in 2003 were:

  • Breast Augmentation (246,930)
  • Liposuction (241,887)
  • Eyelid Surgery (129,727)
  • Tummy Tuck (97,698)
  • Facelift (86,504)

Women represent the majority of patients with a dominating 85% of all procedures performed.

Age groups opting for plastic surgery:

  • 35 — 50 Years of age, 45% (2.9 million people)
  • 19 — 34 Years of age, 24% (1.6 million people)
  • 51 — 64 Years of age, 22% (1.4 million people)
  • 65 & Up Years of age, 6% ( 396,993 people)

Vistnes Plastic Surgery, Among The First In Palo Alto To Offer Patients Breakthrough Post-Operative Pain Relief December 15, 2004

Palo Alto, CA — Vistnes Plastic Surgery today announced that it is among the first in the Palo Alto area to offer the ON-Q® Post-Operative Pain Relief System which provides completely portable, surgical-site, non-narcotic pain relief for patients recovering from surgery. Many patients fear surgery due to both post-surgical pain and not being able to quickly return to their normal routine. ON-Q provides patients with a way to get back on their feet faster by offering effective pain relief with less or no narcotics.

ON-Q is a balloon-like device that provides targeted pain relief after surgery only where the body needs it, automatically delivering a narcotic-free numbing medication directly into an incision site for up to five days. This decreases the need for narcotics and their associated side effects. Patients carry ON-Q like a walkman while it provides them with continuous relief. “Pain relief is a critical issue to us and to our patients. Vistnes Plastic Surgery is always looking for the most beneficial therapies to ensure our patients have a comfortable and satisfying post-surgical experience,” said Dr. Michael Dean Vistnes, M.D. “We’re finding that ON-Q patients are often recovering faster and getting back to their normal lives more quickly.”

On-Q Testimonials:

“The pain pump literally saved my life! I am allergic to most pain medications and the pain pump allowed me to be drug free during recovery, with minimal pain” CS

“All I can say is Thank God for Dr. Vistnes and his miracle pain pump! The recovery from my tummy tuck was much less than I had anticipated” EO

“The pain pump helped me tremendously! I could not even imagine what recovery would have been like without it!” EM

Hoe To Aavoid Looking As Old As Your Parents Did? Facts And Secrets Of The Anti-Aging Industry From Aa Insider

A rapidly growing multi-billion dollar industry in the United States has emerged catering to those who desire to slow, prevent or reverse the aging process without surgery.. The quest to find the proverbial fountain of youth has led to the development of numerous procedures and products, founded on science, that really do work. They can dramatically slow the aging process as well as reverse some of the visible signs of aging. Along with these proven treatments however, are lots of things that do nothing but waste your time and money, shattering hopes of aging beautifully. Unfortunately, most average consumers don’t have the knowledge to know what’s real and what’s snake oil.

Non-surgical anti-aging options are categorized as either medical strength products or non-invasive medical procedures. In order for any treatment to work it must first overcome a barrier that has evolved over millions of years — the skin itself. The skin serves two critical functions. It keeps in the things we want (water or hydration) and it keeps out toxins and pollutants. For any treatment to work, it has to penetrate the outer layer of skin to get to the deeper layers. The sad reality is most skin care products, even those labeled as having anti-aging properties, do nothing but sit on the surface of the skin. It takes a significant amount of science and research, often using proprietary ingredients or technology, to get active ingredients to penetrate the skin. Simply layering expensive products on the skin surface is a waste of time and money. A great example is the numerous vitamin C products available today on the market. Vitamin C products work only when they are in the proper form and concentration. Unfortunately, no regulation exists that prevents a skincare company from selling products with the ingredient “Vitamin C” and labeling it as anti-aging. The same can be said for products containing retinol, copper peptides, vitamin E, growth factors, DNA, antioxidants, free radical scavengers and a host of others.

Both large and small companies use the industry buzzwords to capitalize on the consumer’s desire to slow the aging process. Market studies show that the average woman in the United States may have between $300-$400 worth of “anti-aging” products that are incapable of delivering any of the promises and claims they make. Anti-aging procedures such as Botox, Restylane, Thermage, Microdermabrasion and IPL have medically proven benefits in slowing or correcting the aging process. But again, in the “jump on board” mentality, non-medical entities like day spas, estheticians and salons offer watered down versions of the procedures that, although cheaper, fail to deliver the promised results. Nearly all these procedures, in order to be truly effective, must be done under the supervision of a physician. As the buzzwords become part of our vernacular, companies come out with products and procedures, misleadingly advertised as “better than botox” or “the non-surgical facelift procedure at the day spa”. Again, taking advantage of our desire to stay young.

So, the real secrets are not so secret! Products and services that work generally have science and medicine behind them. This means they are usually available only through a trained physician. Be skeptical of anti-aging claims at the day spa, esthetician’s office, or department store. If you don’t have the time or energy to research things on your own, consult with someone with a proven track record of delivering quality and results. Remember though, the best way to slow the aging process is through prevention (sun block, diet, exercise, not smoking, and avoiding stress). If you need more than prevention, make sure you are utilizing proven products and procedures.

Dr. Michael Dean Vistnes, MD is a Stanford trained, board certified Plastic Surgeon who practices in Palo Alto. He is also the founder of SkinSpirit, a medically supervised skincare clinic and spa located in downtown Palo Alto. Michael Dean’s signature Michael Dean Vistnes, M.D

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