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At Vistnes Plastic Surgery of Palo Alto, our goal is to improve the lives of our patients with state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments and surgical enhancements. We focus on providing the most positive patient experience in a serene, aesthetic environment where you are comfortable and confident -- and where you will be treated with respect and dignity while receiving arguably the best plastic surgery Bay Area has to offer.

- Dean Vistnes, MD & Founder at Vistnes Plastic Surgery

Certainty in Outcome is a Quality Metric.

Our professional approach to enhancements for face and body goes beyond the exceptional surgical skills of Bay Area plastic surgeon, Dr. Vistnes. We ensure our patients understand the details of each procedure or treatment and are able to move forward with confidence in the expected outcome. Providing aesthetic treatments with integrity, honesty, and patient-centered care are the driving forces behind what we do.

Plastic Surgeon Bay Area Plastic Surgeon Bay Area
Finally building up the courage to go through with surgery was a hard decision, but I’m so glad I found Dr. Vistnes and his skilled hands! I can’t say enough good things about my experience.

-MZ, Palo Alto, Ca.

Environment is everything.

Retreat from the world in a relaxing, soothing environment that caters to your needs.

Enlarge. Lift. Reduce.

Modern surgical techniques make it possible to enlarge, lift, or reduce breasts in a manner that leaves them looking plump, rounded, and completely natural. Successful breast surgery requires the work of a plastic surgeon who can achieve harmony and balance with the latest surgical techniques for faster healing, reduced scarring, and an outcome that enhances your life experience.

Breast Surgery Performed with Artistry and Skill

When considering undergoing a breast procedure, you want to be confident in the skills and artistry of your plastic surgeon. Dr. Vistnes is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Palo Alto who is recognized for his ability to create natural-looking, beautiful results in a range of breast surgical treatments.

Your Journey

You are embarked upon an important journey, and Dr. Vistnes has created a practice that makes the journey to more beautiful breasts remarkably pleasant and personal. You will immediately feel the warmth and kindness of the staff and surgical team and feel the confidence they have in their professional skills. Your health and safety are in good hands – as this state-of-the-art private surgical center offers the latest technology and systems. Dr. Vistnes provides top-level surgical skills to resolve the following breast problems:

  • Saggy, droopy breasts
  • Overlarge or stretched areolas
  • Nipples low or bottom of breasts
  • Breasts that have lost firmness and volume after breastfeeding
  • Stretched skin and tissue with breasts low on chest wall
  • Oddly-shaped breasts
  • Uneven breasts
  • Overlarge breasts

Sculpt and refine.

Nature and your genetic code will determine how your body grows, shapes, and ages. We offer a range of body treatments and surgical procedures that allow you to slim, trim, sculpt, and improve on what nature gave you, with a trimmer, younger-looking, and more aesthetic body. Our Bay Area office was built around providing a positive patient experience from the moment you walk in the doors of our luxurious, serene clinic.

Body Sculpting – Create the Shape You Want.

With modern body sculpting, there is no reason to live with the signs of an aging body. Various surgical techniques can restore the youthful, trim figure you had in the past – or even better. We perform a range of surgical procedures to remove fatty deposits on love handles, thighs, buttocks, or other body zone, create a flat, athletic-looking abdomen, and create a trim figure that reflects your youthful mindset.

A natural outcome.

Your facial features define who you are and elicit a natural response in others. When a facial flaw or the signs of aging have begun to impact self-image, and you want to restore and rejuvenate your facial appearance, we can help you achieve a more youthful look that appears natural and will enhance every facet of life ahead.

Your Face Tells a Story

Your face is your calling card and reveals a lot about your character and personality. Sadly, it is also the area of the body that is constantly exposed to the elements, and the first to show the signs of aging. It can be distressing to see these signs appear in wrinkles, lines, creases, sagging skin, drooping cheeks or an undefined jawline.

A Younger, Fresher You

Facial surgery, when performed correctly, will leave you looking like yourself – just younger. Dr. Vistnes is a skilled practitioner who performs facial surgeries with delicacy and skill. The goal is to achieve a more youthful look that appears fully natural.

Forget the downtime.

Modern aesthetic technology has brought powerful new treatments to the forefront in cosmetic enhancements. Dr. Vistnes has chosen the most effective anti-aging treatments to help his patients rejuvenate, restore, and enhance face and body – without undergoing a surgical procedure. We offer a full range of fillers, peels, body sculpting treatments, and other state-of-the-art non-surgical treatments.

Areas We Serve

At Vistnes Plastic Surgery of Palo Alto, our patients come from communities throughout the Bay Area. Our reputation for surgical excellence, the privacy and luxury of our surgical center, and the personal attention and care we provide our patients has made us the premier clinic for plastic surgery in Palo Alto and its surrounding areas.

Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon

Palo Alto is the home of Vistnes Plastic Surgery. The surgical center is located across from the Stanford campus, and offers privacy, discretion, and a comfortable, luxurious environment. We are proud of the reputation we have garnered for excellence in surgery and for our high-tech approach to face and body enhancement. Our Palo Alto patients come to us for a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments, and trust Dr. Vistnes to perform any procedure with top-level surgical skills with results that appear natural, fresh, and appealing.

San Jose Plastic Surgeon

Many of our patients come to us from San Jose, either personally referred by a friend of family member, or because they know our reputation for achieving natural-looking results for face, body, and breasts. Just a few miles from San Jose, our state-of-the-art private clinic provides the ultimate in personalized care and attention, where you can trust that your vision for your appearance will become a reality.

Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

Those of us who live in the Bay Area do not take our quality of life for granted. One of the most beautiful and historical areas in the west, the Bay Area offers every urban advantage, along with natural features in mountains, ocean, and parklands that draw visitors from around the world. At Vistnes Plastic Surgery, we cater to the needs of the unique culture of the Bay Area, offering personalized and warm service and the highest standards in surgical excellence.

I was shocked at how little pain was associated with post procedure Dr. Vistnes teaches you post-op massage that is simple and truly makes a difference in the healing process.

-SG, Palo Alto, Ca.


Vistnes Plastic Surgery

We invite you to discover our serene, luxurious clinic where a full spectrum of surgical and non-surgical enhancements for face and body are found in one place, and where you can expect to be treated with the warmth, dignity, and respect you deserve.

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